The Certify Certificate Manager (Community Edition) app is free for evaluation or personal use. The Community Edition will manage up to 5 different certificates per install. You can purchase a license key to upgrade, which will enable unlimited managed certificates.

License Bundles


For installation on a single server

Licensed for 12-Months.*

$49.99 USD



For installation on up to 3 servers.

Licensed for 18-Months.*

$99.99 USD


Power Pro

For installation on up to 25 servers.

Licensed for 18-Months.*

$349.00 USD



For installation on up to 100 servers.

Licensed for 18-Months.*

$649.00 USD


All license types include the following benefits:

  • Unlimited managed certificates per server.
  • Support tickets via email
  • Optional multi-server dashboard reporting
  • Renewal failure notifications
  • Contribute to global carbon reduction**

You can purchase more than one license key of any type. If you require payment to be completed by another person/department, a link will be provided for them to complete the purchase on your behalf.

Cloud Managed Licensing

You can alternatively use a cloud managed license key subscription, with a flexible number of installs so you only pay for the quantity you need. For more details, see:

Cloud Managed License pricing via Azure or Stripe is $4.99 USD per install per month and continues until you cancel.


Note: Only electronic purchasing is supported. Please test the free version of the app before making your purchase to ensure it meets your requirements.

* When License Keys expire certificate auto-renewal will continue as normal, additional managed certificates can only be added after renewing the license key.

Certify DNS is our own cloud hosted implementation of the acme-dns protocol, for delegation of DNS challenges during the ACME certificate order process. You can read more about Certify DNS in our docs.

Certify DNS (Standard)

Licensed for 12-Months.*

$60.00 USD


** When you pay via Stripe a percentage of your purchase goes towards carbon reduction and climate projects.